KDE4.6RC1 最大FPS限制


About (3):

There was a change in behaviour of KWin. It is actually limited at 35 FPS by default if VSync is enabled. This reduces cpu load by KWin, at least on my lappy. I suppose that if someone hasn’t got KWin Vsync enabled he wouldn’t notice.

If you want a smoother KWin just add the following line in ~/.kde4/share/config/kwinrc under the [Compositing] Section


Or the value that works best for you. For less tearing it should be the same with your monitor’s Refresh Rate.

I can also say that the double entries problem when HAL is running is gone thanks to the packaging efforts of bash. And my screen backlight is working great now, even hardware backlight keys work as expected so most laptops should be fine (these changes were backported by bash before).




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