My Complains About Thinkpad T431s

I posted it on lenovo’s blog.


I love (or at least loved) Thinkpad so much that even can’t find a second choice. I love it not only because it’s robust or has precise appearance, but it’s really designed for people who really WORK with it. I like a slogan of Lenovo called “For Those Who Do”. Thinkpad was the best interpretation of it. The precisely designed appearance can make me focus; Trackpoint can keep my hand on the keyboard; A higher screen can extend my view of the work; Upgradable design can fit specific situations; The traditional keyboard layout can make me easy to locate ESC and Fx keys just by touching; and lots of good designs really help.

Ultrabook is good, but we still need a powerful device to do tough jobs. T series can (and should) fit this requirement. However, T431s (or T430u) really seems not like T series. Maybe they are slim and good-looking, but the removable battery, the screen latch, the docking port and lots of good designs are missing. Is it a good idea that using a new sub-brand (eg.U431)?

I sincerely hope the future T series can use a screen with a lower aspect ratio (3:2 or at least 16:10 ) and a better viewing angle (like using IPS technology), a clearer keyboard layout, full of ports, and upgradable design. It doesn’t have to be very heavy like W series. T410 and T410s are really good examples. There always be someone who is willing to pay for it.Thinkpad T410s

Thanks for reading my complains. I’m not a native English speaker and please forgive me for my poor English.

A Thinkpad User.


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